Facebook is enabling you to celebrate the first day of spring

Users in the northern hemisphere are seeing an animated message featuring birds today, while those south of the equator can see falling leaves.

| 33 mins ago Facebook is rolling out a new message at the top of users’ News Feeds , allowing them to celebrate the changing seasons. As reported by Sarah Perez of  TechCrunch , users in the Northern Hemisphere will see an animated message containing birds for spring, while those in the Southern Hemisphere will see falling leaves for fall. This message will appear on both desktop and in the Facebook application on iOS and Android. Interested users can click or tap the “Share” button on this message to create their own posts containing the seasonal content. When users share the post from the Facebook mobile app, status text that reads “welcoming spring” or “welcoming fall” will be added to the post. Users have the option to add their own thoughts to the post before sharing it to their news feed. This isn’t the first time Facebook has added themed content to the top of users’ News Feeds. For instance, users may now see  local weather information  in that spot. http://adweek.it/2mHTAoM copy